Das neue Poecilotheria Poster!!!!!

Alles an Bildern und Filmchen, das nicht in den Artenteil passt, kann hier gepostet werden.
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Das neue Poecilotheria Poster!!!!!

Beitragvon Argentavis » Freitag 1. September 2017, 21:09

Our latest poster was in the making for over a year and features all available 14 Poecilotheria species in the hobby, including all the adult males, in a total of 30 stacked images! With over 650 Megapixels it shows this genus with all the details it deserves and is the biggest, most advanced and detailed Poecilotheria poster ever made. Prints up to 4 meters are easily possible. All images are stacked and often made up of 3 to 8 individual images to give an entirely sharp image. It also features the location and body length for every species and additional text with general information. … Rest is on FB: https://www.facebook.com/mygalephotography/

https://www.facebook.com/poeci1.de/vide ... 665463702/
Unboxing of a 36x24"/90x60cm acrylic print by poeci1.

If you don’t like reading:
A review of the poster is planned too by The Dark Den!

BildThe New Poecilotheria Poster Promo by mygale

BildThe New Poecilotheria Poster by mygale
Haihappen Uh-ha-ha!

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Re: Das neue Poecilotheria Poster!!!!!

Beitragvon Captain Subtext » Samstag 9. September 2017, 16:58

Kiek mal an, gigantisch!

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